Why Weave?

Weaving can produce a useful item or something beautiful just for its own sake. Its entirely up to you. 

Weaving is thousands of years old.  When we weave we are connecting with people and cultures past and keeping traditions alive. 

Weaving takes planning and requires concentration. It is a mindful activity proven to be good for our health and wellbeing. Particularly, if we weave together. 

Weaving is simple or complex.  Its entirely up to you. 

Weaving is mysterious. Something wondrous is revealed with the repetition of weaving patterns and structures. 

Weaving is a sensory delight for our eyes and touch, not only for ourselves in the the process of making but also for others viewing the final product. 

The rhythmic, repetitive, embodied nature of weaving is soothing.  As you weave, your troubles will fade away. 

Your weaving is unique to you.  It has a look and feel that cannot be reproduced. 

Weaving is empowering and fun. 

Weaving has an infinite number of variations. You will never run out of ideas; in fact, you will want to weave more and more because you have too many ideas.

adapted from Susan E Horton March 8 2017 https://handwovenmagazine.com/weaving-best-craft-top-10-reasons/

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