About Sonja Parsonage

I was born into a family with a deep tradition in textile arts and crafts. My mother immigrated to Brisbane from Denmark.  Her family instilled in me a love of textiles and design.  My father's ancestors lived and worked on their own small flax farm in, what is now, Poland. Spinning and weaving their flax into linen. They immigrated to South Australia in 1845 to escape the increasing violence and unrest caused by the industrialisation of the textile industry.

I was a keen knitter and embroiderer as a child and have been making things ever since.  I was a stay at home mum and very much enjoyed being at home to cook, garden and create. My daughter went to Steiner School and I became involved with the craft group there. I was introduced to wool fibre and felting and became particularly interested in traditional lifestyles (growing food, fermenting, slow living) and the ancient crafts of spinning and weaving.

Creating has always been more than a hobby to me and I have longed to get my art out into the world. When my daughter started school I began studying online and in 2018 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in sculpture and drawing. My drawings always become more about the paper that supports them.

I have recently begun to print my work onto linen for the production of homewares. I enjoy carding wild batts and spinning art yarn. I use these materials to create freestyle weavings.  I am a registered yoga and meditation teacher and yoga therapist (find me here) and this influences my approach to my clients and my teaching style.  I promote a safe, non-judgmental, process based environment for learning and sharing.

Drawn to thread is for those of you who are also captivated by the gentle rhythmic energies of craft and the tactile and evocative qualities of thread, yarn and cloth.

Visit me at my Home Studio in Highvale, QLD 4520 or monthly in the cooler months at Northey Street Organic Market.