Spin Along!

Held at Sonja's Home Studio in Highvale:  Second Sunday of the month 1.00-3.00pm. All welcome.

The spin along is a gathering where we get to know each other and help each other learn.  Beginners are welcome and someone will help you get going. There is no better way to learn than to watch others working.  You don't need to buy any fancy equipment, unless you want to (for example, it is possible to make a spindle out of an old CD, pencil and rubber bands). Some people who come along have inherited a spinning wheel and don't know what to do with it. They have kept the wheel for many years but felt intimidated to try it or perhaps they had tried and given up too early. 

Often, the wheels haven't been taken out of the box for decades. Stored away with bobbins full of yarn left unfinished, created by someone now passed. It has been a heartwarming experience to get these wheels working again and to help people reconnect with someone special they have lost, or never known, through the craft of spinning.

Interestingly, young people seem most enthralled by the spindle. The spindle is a very accessible way into the world of spinning and fibre.

Many people in our area have alpacas on their property and want to gift their fleeces. Our group has become a place to share knowledge and experience about this beautiful resource popping up in our community.

We find a feeling of connection and meaning when using our hands the way people have done for thousands of years. Our minds and hearts open in a way that is difficult to explain. The gentle rhythmic movement in our bodies while watching the transformation of natural materials re-awakens a wonder for the world and our place in it.